Lay flat Water Wall Fire Kit 38mm I.D. x 25 metres with 50, 100 or 200 L/min

Lay flat Water Wall Fire Kit 38mm I.D. x 25 metres with 50, 100 or 200 L/min

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Designed to be used to protect walls of buildings or other structures, this hose kit will allow you to spray water vetically in an arc 6 metres from the nozzle.

  • This fire hose kit is designed to help you protect your house or other building on your property
  • It allows you to wet an entire wall of an average sized house (12 metre wide x 6 metre high)
  • Designed to be used on fire fighting pumps with an 1-1/2" male BSP outlet
  • Nozzle is made from bright fluoroescent yellow glass reinforced nylon for extreme durability
  • Creates a wall of water to help cool and protect structures from a fire front or ember attack.
  • The nozzle is designed to be secured to a flat surface. This can be a sheet of plywood which can be pegged to the ground or you can permanently mount it to a rooftop, wall or any other structure that gives you the protection you need.

Our Water Wall Fire Fighting Hose Kit includes:

  • 25 metres of 38mm I.D. red PVC layflat hose makes the kit easy to store and deploy
  • Camlock couplings each end for quick connect and disconnect
  • Supplied fully assembled and ready to screw onto your 1-1/2" pump outlet
  • 50, 100 or 200 Litre per minute flow rate (@ 65 psi) nozzle options
  • Creates a wall of water 12 metres wide and 6 metres high
  • No moving parts - one piece moulded design

Suitable for use with pressures of up to 125Psi
Compatible with all foam concentrates